Earthdawn and Serenity

So the first 2/3 of day one are over with. I’m back at the hotel, getting a little bit of rest before getting ready and heading out for the Vampire: Requiem LARP tonight.

My Earthdawn session — Journey to Lang went well this morning. I had six players; four of them were more-or-less familiar with the game, one had played a bunch of Shadowrun, and so knew about Earthdawn, but had never played it, and the last guy had never played it at all.

We had a good time; my dice were pretty hot at one point, and a handful of berserk cadaver men went open-ended on several rolls, knocking out the troll Sky Raider. The party changed tactics, ganging up to take out one enemy per round, and managed to avoid actually losing anybody.

The final battle in the session (against a pair of corrupt obsidimen) went very quickly (which was good, because we were running up against time at the end there). The archer scored the highest die roll of the session in that fight, doing 43 points of damage in a single hit.

I did learn a few things from running the session, which should make the next events go more smoothly.

Thursday's players at Journey to Lang

Pictured (from left to right): Theresa, Poorht, windling Thief; Dylan Norris , Targ Boneslicer, troll Sky Raider; Rob O’Meara, Corelian Sandilar, elf Archer; Dave Kirkhart, Norasu, obsidiman Warrior; Matt Johnson, Onnaro, obsidiman Wizard; and Linda O’Meara, Chiall Nevarra, t’skrang Swordmaster.

I also got the chance to meet Kathy (Charcoalgrin) Czechowski who I’ve known through the online ED community for a number of years. (I met her husband Ed, too, but I don’t think I know him from the boards.)

I also played a demo of the new Serentiy game, coming this August from Margaret Weis Productions. It’s an interesting little game, and while the session itself wasn’t great (due in part to a GM who wasn’t totally prepared, and some players who weren’t really playing their characters).

Still, I am intrigued by the system, and may pick it up when it arrives in August.

Well, off to get ready for my game tonight! I’ll give an update later!