Day Two…

Just a quick update before I head out to grab some breakfast and head on up to my first event of the day.

The Requiem LARP last night was very cool. The premise was this — it was set in 1937, and the Prince of Columbus had opened his home to visitors; there was a large refugee camp on the outskirts of the city and the feeding was good. We were all playing pre-gen characters (with only the roughest of backgrounds), arranged into coteries, and given a few general goals to work towards.

My coterie were the “Revivalists” — a nomadic group of kindred who traveled around under the guise of a religious revival group. The leader of the group was a Lancea Sanctum, and ended up as an old-time southern preacher always talking about the power of the blood of Longinus, and the dark gifts he had given us.

My character in this little group was Strecksherr — a Mekhet Carthian who acted as the coterie’s business manager. His main goal was to make money, and take lessons from the group to help out the Carthian movement.

Anyhow… I can go on and on here, and I need to get going.

On tap for today — Mage: The Awakening at 10, the Earthdawn Seminar at 2, and my second session of Journey to Lang at 7. Updates later!