Day One

Welcome to Origins

Gearing up for the first day. I have my first demo in… two hours, and we’re taking care of the “5 S’s” — shave, shower, sh*t, shine, and shampoo — grabbing a bite to eat, and then heading out to the convention center.

Registration Hall

Last night we picked up our badges, poked around a bit, and got an idea of where we needed to be for our events.

Quick update — the books are coming!! — we got an e-mail this morning that CafePress has shipped the copies of the EPC, and UPS tracking indicates they arrived in Columbus at 5:30am (or so). They should be delivered to the hotel sometime today.

After the trials and tribulations of getting these done… well, it will be nice to finally see them. I’ll post some pictures, just as I did with the demo version of the EGC.

Well… off to grab some breakfast, and get in a bunch of gaming!