The Personal Effects Experience

I mentioned Personal Effects: Dark Art in my previous post. As part of his promotion efforts for the novel, JC Hutchins has produced a number of “vlurbs” from people in the realm of horror/paranormal film and fiction.

Inspired in part by this, and wanting to contribute something of my own to this whole thing (aside from buying the book itself), I recorded a few minutes of video to capture some of my first impressions and thoughts about the book and my exposure to it thus far.

It is my first real attempt at working with video. I dabbled in audio production with my short-lived Vampire: The Requiem podcast “The More Things Change” (which is still available here). Video is a bit harder to work with, and a bit less forgiving when it comes to editing stream-of-consciousness material.

Anyhow, I hope to make more of these, and get better at it as time goes by.