Holy crap, he’s still alive?!?!

Why yes, yes I am.

It’s been several months since I last posted anything here. Life has been busy, and there hasn’t really been anything worth talking about.

Until now.

Two cool things are coming from a pair of talented authors very soon. First up, the latest (and last) chapter of the Heaven series from Mur Lafferty launches on Monday. If you haven’t encountered this wonderful fantasy audio-novella series, you should really check it out. It starts with a premise that could be considered a bit cliche — a pair of friends die and start exploring the multitude of mythoogical afterlives. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for Mur to put her own stamp on things, displaying a brilliant creativity and spinning the familiar into the unique.

You can get caught up on this series over at podiobooks.com. Here are direct links for the first four chapters:

1. Heaven
2. Hell
3. Earth
4. Wasteland

The other cool thing is coming from the pen of J.C. Hutchins, another pioneer in the world of podcast fiction. I recently finished his Seventh Son (also available at podiobooks.com), and it is a solid techno-thriller. It starts a little bit slowly, but once the action starts, it doesn’t let up.

Anyhow, J.C.’s print debut comes out this upcoming week as week. Personal Effects: Dark Art is a collaboration with Jordan Wiesman (yes, that Jordan Wiesman). More than a a simple supernatural thriller, this is a multi-media experience. Clues and inserts in the book connect to a larger experience that will give readers a deeper insight into the events of the novel, learning things that the main characters never encounter.

J.C. has a free ‘prelude’ novella available, Personal Effects: Sword of Blood serves as an introduction to the main protaganist, and if the first two chapters of that work are any indication, Dark Art will be a mind-bending ride. You can get Sword of Blood at jchutchins.net.

Is this post an indication that I will be blogging with a bit more regularity? Perhaps. I can’t say for sure, and I’m not going to promise anything right now, but we’ll see what the summer brings.