Television reflections

Hello. The summer “reruns” are winding down, and the new fall shows are being trotted out by the networks over the next couple of weeks. Not only is Heroes returning for its second season, it is part of what looks to be a truly geekalicious Monday night on NBC.

The summer saw some interesting shows as well. Most notable was Burn Notice on USA, which turned out a lot better than I expected. I’d capsule it as a cross between The A-Team and MacGyver — the lead character is a former intelligence agent who discovers that a “Burn Notice” has been issued for him. This means that his contacts ad support are dried up — no expense account, no official backing, and no life to speak of. He gets dumped in Miami and begins tracking down the reason the Notice was issued — taking freelance Private Eye-type jobs to make money in the meantime.

The writing on the show is pretty good, but it’s really the cast that made this show shine. Wonderful performances abound, including a great turn from Bruce Campbell (the reason I tuned into the show in the first place) as a former Navy SEAL, now more concerned with maintaining a posh lifestyle financed by his lady friend.

No doubt USA will be rebroadcasting the shows at some point in the future (they have confirmed a second season for next summer), and a DVD set is probably in the offering as well. Give it a look — it’s worth the time (and at only 12 episodes for season one, not a huge investment of time).

Anyhow, look to this blog over the next couple of weeks for impressions of other shows (new and returning) as I catch them. I’m looking forward to seeing what the networks do with all the genre shows they’re putting out there, and I’m interested in seeing how many last through the year.

That’s all for now!