Long silence

Hey all. It’s been a while since my last post. I thought I would post a quick update with regard to what’s going on in my life.

The most pressing (and major) financial crisis passed, though not without some headaches. We’ve resolved several of our past due accounts, and are trying to make arrangements that we can afford for the remaining ones. House payments, car payments, and property taxes were all brought up to date… we’re still in some deep water, but the undertow is n longer threatening to drag us under.

In Earthdawn news, editing continues on Kratas: City of Thieves. It will be out later this year (no firm date has been set yet). Our next release, Burning Desires, is an adventure by Andrew Ragland, and should be out within the next month or so.

Work remains much the same… holding pattern. There is a public hearing before the Public Utilities Commission next month, so the public can voice their thoughts and opinions on the (still pending) sale to Fairpoint. No other news for now.

Ty contiunes growing. She will be five months old on Monday. Our friends Pat and Leanne had their daughter, Kira, a couple of weeks ago, and it is hard to believe that Ty was once smaller than Kira is now.

That does it for now. I’ll try and post more often… but right now I need to get ready for work.

PS — Wil Wheaton gave the keynote address at PAX (the Penny Arcade Expo) this past weekend. It was an awesome speech, and you should listen to it. You can find it here. Enjoy.