Friday’s Promised Update!

You know how yesterday I promised that I would have an update for today? Well, I do.

I am (as I may have mentioned in the past) a member of the Camarilla, White Wolf’s Live-Action Roleplay group. My character in the Vampire: The Requiem chronicle is Sam Walker, a reltively new vamp who’s background is in radio (specifically, that particular brand of late-night talk that deals with the fringe — paranormal events, conspriacy theories, and so forth).

Sam holds the position of harpy in the Bangor court. A harpy is a gossip, newshound, and generally keeps track of one of the most valuable bits of currency in vampiric society — status. It is common or harpies to present a regular ‘report’ of sorts — kind of a news account or gossip rag talking about who’s in, who’s out, and anything else of interest to immortal nocturnal bloodsuckers.

Well, I decided that I would kill two birds with one stone… Sam, being a child of the modern age, was going to do his harpy reports as an audio commentary, recorded and distributed via the internet. This would also give me the opportunity to play around with Audacity, a free audio recorder editor I recently downloaded. I have recently become hooked on podcasts via iTunes, and am toying with the idea of expanding into that area.

Anyhow, I finally finished my first show. It’s about 9 minutes long, and weighs in at just under 8MB. You can download it here. It will probably stream if you just click on it, but it’s probably better to right-click and “Save as…” instead. My bandwidth will thank you.

A more comprehensive page with transcripts and the like is in the works, but the file is the actual update for today. Listen and enjoy!