Well, November was pretty much a bust for updates, huh?

While cruisin’ the electronic highways, I’ve been checking out the advice given by successful, regular bloggers, and the one bit that seems to keep cropping up is that earlier word — regular.

I’ve been bitching to myself that I haven’t been taking advantage of the space here, I’ve been slacking on the updates, on the writing, blah, blah, blah. Well… here’s my commitment for December:

At least three updates a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I realize that today is Thursday, but it’s also December 1st… a great opportunity to declare my resolution. Hopefully I’ll build momentum this month, and get something resembling a regular update schedule in line.

So… starting tomorrow, expect something from me. I haven’t any idea what it will be… but I tend to perform well under pressure.

If you have any suggestions about the sort of stuff you’d like me to natter on about, just let me know (via e-mail or the comments).

Until tomorrow, then!