In case you didn’t know, I am a big fan of award-winning writer Neil Gaiman. This fall (current release date is September 30) a new movie written by Gaiman and directed by his long-time collaborator Dave McKean will be released.

The film is called Mirrormask, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s produced by the Jim Henson Company, and is in the same vein as Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. You can see the latest trailer here, and learn a bit more about the movie at the official Mirrormask website.

I bought the Illustrated Script Book a couple of weeks ago, and I am really looking forward to this film. The story is fantastic, and the visuals are exactly the kind of unique vision you would expect from the mind of Dave McKean.

September is going to be a busy movie month for me… both Serenity and Mirrormask. With all the other films I’m looking forward to this summer… my entertainment budget is going to be a bit strained.