And the rain rain rain
Came down down down…

Sweet baby Jane, enough with the weather already! Today it absolutely poured for five or six hours, and most of the state of Maine is looking at a flood watches and warnings into tomorrow.

The wet is really starting to take its toll on people. After several months of short-daylight winter, we were looking forward to the long, warm days of late spring and early summer. Instead, we’ve got gray, wet, cold, misery.

I hope things clear up soon; I want James and Dammi to have a positive impression of our lovely state when they visit next month. At this rate though…

There’s a short story by Ray Bradbury called All Summer in a Day. It’s about the one day every twenty years (or whatever) where the perpetual storms on some alien planet (Venus, if I recall correctly) break and let the sunshine in. I’m starting to get that vibe here.

Oddly enough, I’ve been feeling rather… elemental the last day or two. I want to walk outside in this weather, embracing it… kind of a nautical ‘sea spray on the face’ kind of thing. I love wind and water… and while the seemingly perpetual gray is a bit of a bother, there’s a certain primal vibe that I’m pulling off of it.

I wish I were down at the lake, watching the whitecaps dance (well, not right now, because it’s dark out, but you get the idea). I find a certain peace of mind there… one that has, in some ways, been missing from my life recently. I’ve tried not to dwell on it too much (thre’s too much other stuff to get done!), but it keeps rising from my subconscious, and I can’t shake it.

That deep part of my brain is telling me there’s something I need to deal with. I’m just not sure what it is.