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New Front End

Happy new year! One of the changes I had in mind for this year was to combine my blog with the front page of the website. This way, I could use the blog for content updates as well as for anything else I want to add here.

I realize it’s been a while since I posted any updates. The holidays kept me pretty busy, and my work on Earthdawn Classic has been eating up a bit of time as well. It’s going along well, but as the saying goes — “90% of the work takes place during the last 10% of the project.”

To try and bring things up to date, I have added five new entries in the Valyan’s Heirs campaign journals. Two are from Kira, and three are from Thrak. Here are links for the first new entry in each character’s journal.

Kira’s Entry 13

Thrak’s Entry 4

(October 2016: These links will be updated once the material is reformatted and made available.)

The next few weeks will see updates to the Riders on the Storm journals, more specific news on the progress of Earthdawn Classic, and hopefully an image gallery. And, of course, there will be other blog entries. One of my resolutions this year is to try and maintain some kind of regular update schedule.

I hope I can keep to it.