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I know I haven’t posted in a while…

In fact, it’s been nearly a month. There is a reason for that, and it isn’t just that I’m lazy (though that does factor into it). The past three weeks have been heavy on the OT for me at work, and as a result my public musings here get pushed a little into the background.

There’s another reason, though…

Final Fantasy XI

Damn… it’s a sweet game. I’m not one for MMORPGs, but this game is really cool. My brother-in-law, Sean (who lives with us), bought it a couple months back. Then, so he and his girlfriend, Leanne (who also lives with us), could play together, they bought another copy and installed it on my wife’s computer… which sits in the dining room… and I got sucked in.


Long story short, I now have a copy installed on my own computer… and another friend of mine is getting a copy soon… we’ll be able to have a big ol’ FF11 party. (And it will soon be out on the PS2 as well!)

So, here’s some screenshots from some of my recent play. A little bit of sightseeing.

This is Drachenfalls, which is a huge waterfall near my own home city of Bastok:

(October 2016 note: At some point in the course of moving the blog from host to host, the picture  vanished into the electronic ether.)


And here is the Crag of Dem, which lies in the nearby Konschtat Highlands:

(October 2016: Same with this one.)


If you play, I’m on the “Fairy” world server, and my handle is (not surprisingly) Mataxes. I’m usually on late night/early morning EST. Drop me a line if you want!

I promise to update a little bit more frequently… really.