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Con Report`

I spent this past Saturday at NERE, the North-East Regional Event for the Camarilla LARP. I had a good time, all things considered, but I could have had even more fun. I was a little reluctant to try risky things that could get my character in trouble.

As a result, I kind of spent a bunch of time lurking around not doing much of anything. If I learned anything from this experience, it’s that — in Live-Action Roleplay anyhow — you are largely responsible for your own fun. In fact, the larger the game, the more responsible you are. The GM doesn’t have the time to make sure that everybody is having a good time. So if you’re bored… do something to get involved!

Here’s some things I should have done… introduced myself to the Prince hosting the party. As Primogen of my clan in Bangor, I should have done so — especially since the Prince was also of my clan. I also should have caused grief for the vamp that cheated at cards and cost me $4,000 (it was actually somebody else that was cheating, but that’s not what I thought in character). I should have added myself to the list of performers at the party, and lightened the mood with a little humorous or ribald song… especially after the last song (while a great performance) turned the mood rather somber. I should have struck a bargain with the Ventrue Primogen of Bangor — not reporting her infraction of the rules in return for a favor to be paid later (as it is… I may need to offer her a favor to return to her good graces).

In the end, any lack of fun on my part was purely my own fault. Of course, I have never been in a LARP on that scale before, and was a little reluctant to get out there and be me (or rather… be Harlan). So.. my words of wisdom for today? Get out there and make your own fun, I guess.