The Campaign: First Session

Last night was my first night running a tabletop game in… three years? It has all faded into the B.C. mists — the time “Before Children”.

Wait, that’s not entirely accurate. I did try running a D&D (third edition) game at one point, and we didn’t get more than a session or two into it.

This was my first time running Earthdawn in about three years.

Boy was I rusty.

I think the session went well, all things considered. I kicked things off with a group of ork bandits attacking an inn which the PCs had to defend. Nobody died (well, none of the player characters… maybe I’m losing my touch), though it was a tough fight and the two melee heavy-hitters came away with a bunch of damage and a wound each.

I am reminded, however, how I do not like brand new characters in the Earthdawn system. The mechanics with low steps can get kind of frustrating if the dice happen to be going against you. This is made even tougher in the first session, when players do not have much karma to help offset the low average numbers. Armor is also pretty powerful at low circles, because armor defeating hits are rare, and the average damage can have a hard time getting through chain mail and shield — even the troll Swordmaster with his two-handed axe was having trouble doing significant damage.

Still, we had fun, and it is good to be behind the screen again.

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  1. tommaso aka galafrone

    Hi Mataxes, i will follow your posts ! always curious on how the other GM’s works their magic around. And, well, gm’ing on 3 and playing on the 4th table of ED3rd each week i will hope to exchange good thoughts with you !
    Keep posting !

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