New beginnings

This blog and website have been silent for some time, mainly a lack of motivation and the daunting task of figuring out how to work with the changes made by Blogger back in early 2010. I haven’t been writing, editing, or gaming (outside of World of Warcraft). It has been something of a creative drought — largely of my own doing.

But a new year is on us, and I decided rather than try and rebuild my existing website, I would start over from scratch with a new host and migrate the important stuff over from the old version of the site. I’ve got a novel that I’ve been picking at in my brain for years, I’m getting back into tabletop gaming and writing/editing material for Earthdawn.

This version of The Lore Merchant (by my count this is v4) will be focused on my efforts to work on creative pursuits, and my encounters with pop culture along the way. Like life itself, it is a work in progress. I hope you’ll come along.