BlogMo 7: Waiting for Wrath

Kind of a short post tonight, but I am committed to keeping up with the experiment.

I play World of Warcraft regularly. I have a level 70 Dwarf Warrior, and a couple of alts that I don’t play so much these days. I’m the master of one of the coolest guilds on my server (or so I and the rest of my fellow guild members think).

I have taken to rewarding myself with WoW play time after I complete a post and upload it to the blog in an effort to drive the experiment forward

Wrath of the Lich King comes out in less than a week.

I am really looking forward to it. I imagine that it will provide me with quite a bit of content in the coming weeks. The previews that have been posted over at Project Lore are really sweet. The videos showing some of the instances, and the preview of the Death Knight quest chain…

I have my copy pre-ordered and paid for. My wife is getting the collector’s edition in order to get the special vanity pet that comes with it.

I’m trying to fit in as much “old” content as possible before Wrath comes out, because after that there won’t be much reason for me to backtrack to the old stuff (until I hit level 80, at least).

All right. Enough writing. The guild is hitting Zul’Aman tonight.