BlogMo 10: The experiment so far

Kind of a meta-post today. As I said back on Nov 1, this month is a bit of an experiment, to see how successful I can be if I try and write one blog post a day for a month. So… eleven days in, how is it going?

Well, as the counter on this post indicates, I’m one day behind at this point. Other than the “one post a day” objective, I didn’t set myself any particular creative agenda, and I think that may (in part) be something of a problem. Of course, it’s a problem in my fiction writing as well.

You see, I have a nasty internal editor; this little imp holds me back by making me feel that I need to do something substantive, that my posts (or my writing in general) need to be about something, it can’t just be a little toddle for my own amusement. Of course, one of the more common pieces of writing advice out there is to write something that you enjoy, and the audience will find you (provided you do some sort of promotion… while some people may stumble across your work, you can’t expect to get numbers without a little bit of work).

One problem I’ve found thus far is the matter of topics. The first part of this month, leading up to and right after the election provided plenty of grist for my brain-mill. It did that for a bunch of other people as well — this political season was different in so many ways. But the political slant is kind of out-of-flavor for the tradition of this blog, which has largely been focused on fantasy gaming and fiction, with splashes of my life thrown into it.

I don’t know… I find that in some respects I’ve been rather unfocused when it comes to my creative works. After a long day at work, I would rather flop on the couch and veg out watching TV or play computer games for a few hours before heading off to bed. It isn’t that my job is especially taxing — in fact, other than the general stress of being in customer service for eight hours (minus lunch) each day, I don’t get much brain work as it is.

We’ll see how this continues… no doubt when Wrath of the Lich King comes out later this week, and I get hip-deep in the snows of Northrend, I’ll have more to talk about. We’ll see what happens.

(Of course, the whole reason I’m writing this post instead of playing WoW is because the servers have been down all day, and I’m more or less caught up on my TV watching. Kind of a sad commentary, really.)