Thoughts on the War in Iraq

I’m watching a recording of the first presidential debate (yeah, I’m a couple weeks behind), and the issue being discussed as I watch it is the war in Iraq. When Obama got the chance to address the question, he brought up the issue of whether going into Iraq in the first place was a good idea.

Honestly, isn’t that kind of an academic question at this point? I don’t think there is a lot of debate about whether going into Iraq was a good idea or not. Point is, we’re in there now, and I would like to hear how he plans to deal with the situation as it is. If he isn’t sure, that’s fine — but I would like to hear that.

The only reason I can see to bring up the ‘going in’ question when it comes to the current situation is to highlight the mismanagement of the war over the past few years (this may have changed recently, I’m not really up on the current situation). Given the unpopularity of W. among the general public these days, I can see it as a valid tactic to connect McCain to the Bush administration…

I would rather see the issue being addressed directly, rather than what seems to be a “give us a chance, because we can’t screw it up as badly as the other guy” kind of thing… not exactly something that inspires a great deal of confidence.