RedBrick nominated for an Ennie!

Hey all. I know, I know. More silence from me. But when I have something to say, it’s cool.

RedBrick Ltd has been nominated for an Ennie! The Ennies are an award given out at GenCon every year, and this year RedBrick Ltd has been nominated in the prestigious Publisher of the Year category, nominated by fans and (we hope) voted on by fans!

Want to vote for us? Head over to the Ennie Voting Booth and put RedBrick Limited in as your top pick for publisher of the year! (That particular category is the last on the page.)

Voting is restricted to one vote per IP address, so if you share a computer (or four) on a home network, you can only vote once. Still, we appreciate the support, and would like to make a good showing of it.

More posts coming in the future.