Drying paint…

I know I said (nearly a month ago) to watch this space. For those of you that have, thank you. I apologize for not actually giving you anything to watch.

The big news, I suppose, is:


(AUCKLAND, New Zealand) June 20, 2008—RedBrick Limited are pleased to announce they have successfully concluded the signing and acceptance of the first Game System License for Wizards of the Coast’s DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® 4th Edition Roleplaying Game.

James Flowers, RedBrick’s Managing Director, said “This is an exciting opportunity for us. We have been looking forward to working with Wizards of the Coast for some time. Now that Wizards have accepted RedBrick’s application for a Game System License, we can move forward with our plans for publishing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® 4th Edition compatible products. Once details of our forthcoming product releases have been finalized, we will make a separate announcement.”

RedBrick Limited are headquartered in New Zealand, and also publish the popular Earthdawn®, Fading Suns™, and Blue Planet™ roleplaying games under license from FASA Corporation, Holistic Design Inc., and Biohazard Games, respectively. RedBrick’s company web site is http://www.redbrick.co.nz. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast in the U.S.A. and other countries.

I think this is pretty cool. Not really sure exactly where we’re going to run with this (and at this stage I can’t talk about it even if I did), but what I’ve seen of D&D4 has intrigued me, and I can’t wait to actually get my hands on the books so I can get into it in a bit more depth.