Earthdawn Spreadsheet

Look at that! More than one update this month!

I’ve had an Excel spreadsheet that allowed the creation and tracking of characters for a few years now. The original sheet was developed for use with First Edition, and I did some debugging and data entry to add in material from some of the sourcebooks and expansions FASA released. When Second Edition came out, I worked on a conversion for that.

I have been pecking away at a conversion for RedBrick Ltd’s edition for a number of months now, and have decided to make it available for download so I can get feedback and assistance in finding the last few errors and whatnot that are no doubt hidden away.

You can download the file here. It is a Zip file that contains the 1.2Mb Excel sheet. There isn’t a user’s guide for this yet (it’s on my to-do list), and there are a few features that don’t work quite right (the list of available knacks does strange things as you hide/unhide talents on the build page), and these are on the list for debugging (if somebody can figure out a fix, let me know).

Any questions, comments, or feedback, let me know.