It’s only a day away… (2)

So here’s a baby update.

A little over a month ago, at the ultrasound back in February, everything was right on target — estimated weight was about 4 pounds, 1 ounce. At the following ultrasound (about a week and a half ago) there was a concern. Estimated weight was only at 4 pounds, 11 ounces — half a pound (or more) behind the desired/typical target weight range.

This, in addition to the concerns with Mary’s gestational diabetes, back problems, and possible complications due to her medications, prompted the doctor to schedule a C-section for April 3rd.

That’s tomorrow.

At about 11:30am, we arrive at the hospital for pre-surgery prep, and at 1:30 Mary goes under the knife. It’s spinal anesthetic, so she’ll be conscious, and I’ll be there as well. A cut a few inches long, and out will come the newest addition to the family. Putting Mary’s insides back in order will take longer than the delivery.

The past week has been filled with the repetitious questions, “Are you ready?” “Are you excited?” “Are you nervous?” And, to be honest, I’ve been getting a little tired of them.

But now, with the delivery less than 24 hours away… I am starting to get those flutters of nerves in my stomach. It’s a lot like the anticipation I would feel before opening night of a show — keyed up, restless…

I’m not nervous about the delivery — we have a good doctor, and she does this sort of thing fairly regularly. I’m nervous about the next twenty years… this is a big event, and while I have friends and family who will no doubt offer support, advice, and so forth… there’s ultimately no real way to prepare for this.

You can take all the classes you want, read all the books on the shelf, but it’s likely to go out the window the first time you hold your child in your arms.

So… we will see what tomorrow brings. Until next time!