April Snow (5)

Mother Nature celebrated Ty’s birth by dumping quite a bit of snow on top of Bangor.

Snowy sidewalk

It started late Wednesday evening and continued through Thursday morning. The road conditions were so bad at one point that as I was out shoveling the sidewalk, I saw one of the city’s plow trucks go sliding sideways across our street and get mired in the snowbank along our driveway.

snowbound plow

They had to get a heavier piece of equipment, chain it up to the plow, and haul it out (no simple task — the heavy-duty tractor plow was having trouble getting traction as well).

towing the plow

It warmed up a little bit during the afternoon — enough so that the streets didn’t stay snowy. Once clear, they were just wet. Still, it was a strange bit of weather after the days a couple of weeks back where the temperature would climb up into the 50s.

Something else to make this a memorable week.