Halfway there…. time wise

So here we are at Day 15… halfway through the month. Here’s my recent progress:

Day 13:

No recorded progress on Day 13. My work for the day was mostly late at night and it got counted as the next…

Day 14:

Made some progress — about 600 words (which includes the count from Day 13). I’m maintaining a reasonably steady pace, but nothing miraculous. I got hung up on a minor plot snarl, and got a touch slowed down. I thought about it while at work, but didn’t actually add anything to my count from the previous night.

Day 15:

I’ve broken 9,000 words. Still not quite where I want to be, but I’m making forward progress. I’m off to work in about 15 minutes here (and don’t get out until midnight), so this is my final official tally for the halfway point.

I am off tomorrow, and I’ve managed to undo the plot snarl… maybe I can get a bit more focused work done and break the 10,000 word mark.

That’s all for now… more updates later!