The Stupidity of Some People (Part the Second)

I know I said this would be a series, but I haven’t added anything to it since the initial entry way back in January.

Anyhow, I thought I would actually try and make this a series by adding another chapter in the saga of brainlessness.

You know how sometimes somebody will do something that makes you want to grab them by the shirt-collar, smack them across the face sometimes, and ask them if they’re totally mental?

Well, one of the guys I work with pulled something like that not too long ago. His girlfriend, who also works in the offise, is several months pregnant — due sometime in late June, I think.

Anyhow, this shining example of human intellect and compassion made a less-than-brilliant comment. He expressed concern that she would have trouble losing the extra weight after having the baby, because he “didn’t want a fat girlfriend.”


I’m sure it took a great deal of restraint on the part of the other women in the office to keep from stringing him up by his man-parts.