Groovy new video podcast!

I used to be a big fan of TechTV — especially The Screen Savers, with Leo LaPorte, Sarah Lane, and so forth. When the show got canceled (along with several other quality shows) in the wake of the G4 merger, my interest in the network waned — the only thing of interest left was X-Play. But I have since done away with cable ($80 a month for something I only used a couple of hours a week… a little steep, if you ask me), so I’m not even watching that now.

Anyway. Many of the people on the shows kept blogs, and I’ve kind of kept up with the doings in their life. I recently learned that Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran got married, and are planning a year-long trip around the world. They will be producing a podcast video travel diary, and the first couple of episodes are up on the feed.

It’s really good. Both of these guys were great talents when the were on TechTV, and they are obvioulsy using those abilities to make an entertaining show.

I recommend checking it out… head on over to, the home of their little production, with links to their travel blogs and the podcast in question.