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A recently resuscitated thread over on RPG net contains a number of pictures of people’s game collections. Since I got a digital camera this past Christmas, and since I haven’t posted anything here in a while (I’ve been slacking, I know), I thought I would share my pics with you (in addition to posting them on

So, here’s a collage of the pics from the bookshelf in my office, arranged more-or-less as they are there. Each image links to a larger version of the same picture.

Starting from the top, and then working down each side of the shelves (top to bottom, then left to right), here’s what each shelf (generally) contains:

  • Top: Other miscellaneous boxed sets and games.
  • Shelf 1: Old WoD, Aeon/Trinity, Paranoia 5th, Star Wars d6, Castle Falkenstein, the Player’s Guide to Aegis (Conspiracy X), Babylon Project
  • Shelf 2: Deadlands & Hell on Earth, Brave New World, Unknown Armies 1st Ed, Playtest copy of ZAON, Over the Edge, Older Ars Magica, Alternity GM’s guide, GURPS & SJ Games.
  • Shelf 3: Nobilis, TORG, CoC & Delta Green, Blue Planet 1st Ed, 7th Sea, Deep Space 9, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Chronopia, and other misc stuff.
  • Shelf 4: 1st & 2nd Edition AD&D (some of it on another shelf…)
  • Shelf 5:Earthdawn (1st & 2nd), D&D 3rd and other d20 books
  • Shelf 6: Shadowrun (1st-3rd Ed.)
  • Shelf 7: “Basic” Dungeons & Dragons, more d20 books
  • Shelf 8: Boxed sets

From there we move to the shelf downstairs, which has ‘overflow’ (mostly from recent purchases), or books that I am currently using (so I don’t have to run upstairs to grab them).

This shelf has Blue Planet 2nd, Exalted, Ars Magica 5th, Paranoia XP, Ars Magica 5th, Unknown Armies 2nd, Shadowrun 4 (in ring binder), AD&D 2nd core books, new World of Darkness, Mind’s Eye Theatre.

One or two ED books are squeezed in there as well. The ring binder cut off at the bottom is a draft copy of the forthcoming Earthdawn Player’s Compendium (the one we showed off at Origins last year). You can also see a pile of print-outs on the left that I was using as editorial mark-ups.

Finally, the stack on my ‘desk’ in the dining room — stuff I have recently referenced, but not bothered to put away yet.

The titles on these should be obvious. The spiral book at the bottom is the draft copy of the Earthdawn Gamemaster’s Compendium (from last year’s Origins as well).

That’s all for now. I should have more news later.

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  1. Gaz

    Wow that’s quite a collection ! I’d show photos of mine… but it would just be a stack of boxes in the attic. *sob* 😀

    Which are your favourite games ?

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