Year-end news

As you have undoubtedly seen in my earlier post, the EGC is now available from DTRPG. The announcement was accompanied by a slew of purchases that pushed it to #1 on the small-press “hot list” (knocking the Serenity RPG from the top slot), and has been seen as high as #6 on the overall “hot list”. Thanks to all and sundry who’ve bought it thus far!

In a related story, DTRPG has released the Top 100 list of 2005. We’re sitting very nicely at #3 on the small press list with the Earthdawn Player’s Compendium, and we have half a dozen other books in the top 50. Since going live with the PDF sales, we’ve sold nearly 300 books (almost half of them Player’s Compendia)!

We’re really looking forward to the new year, when we’ll have physical books for sale, as well as several exciting new products coming out. 2005 was a long (though fun) learning experience… 2006 is shaping up to be a good year for Earthdawn!