Light at the end of the carpal tunnel?

My left wrist has been bothering me for the past week or so — mostly a dull ache towards the end of the work day. This past Sunday (and a couple of times since then) I had a couple spells of sharp, stabbing pain radiating up my left forearm starting in my wrist, and more or less running along the tendon, and the general pain started showing up earlier in the day.

It got annoying enough that I went to see the doctor yesterday afternoon. Not surprisingly, I got diagnosed with carpal tunnel, and so now I have to wear a wrist brace on my left hand whenever I’m working.

It’s taking some adjustment — the splint restricts the freedom of movement (as its supposed to), and that means that my left hand isn’t quite as precise when it comes to typing.

The doctor was a bit of an idiot in terms of his advice (he’s not our regular doctor, hes just the only one in the office who could see me on short notice). He suggested that I cut back on the computer use. This is impossible to do at work — considering that my job pretty much involves constat computer use. And I can’t really cut back on my home use, because my other job (working on Earthdawn Classic) requires a bunch of online time….

“Don’t use the computer.” Thanks doc, that’s a big help.