Lou and lobster

Hello again. Just dashing off a quick update before we head out to the airport this morning.

Yesterday, we drove down to Massachusetts to visit Lou Prosperi (the former line developer for Earthdawn). We picked his brain, and had a very productive (if too brief) meeting with him.

Carsten James Lou and Josh

We’d like to thank Lou (and his family) once again for his time and hospitality.

On the way back home, we stopped in at a restaurant and I exposed James and Carsten to the joy that is Maine lobster.

James eating lobsterCarsten eating lobster
Josh eating lobster

James has a mild seafood allergy (it makes him nauseous — tough luck for a guy from an island nation), so while he was eager to give it a try, he wasn’t able to eat more than a couple of bites. Carsten, however, enjoyed it, and it certainly didn’t go to waste — James ordered something else, and Carsten and I split his lobster.

We’re just packing up now, off to Staples to pick up the character sheets for the demo games, then over to the airport to check in and fly to Columbus. I plan a quick stop on the way — do the tourist thing and take a picture of James and Carsten in front of Stephen King’s house.

If you’re going to Origins, I look forward to seeing you there! If not, stay tuned… I’ll post updates about the convention, and what we cover in the seminar.