Ever have one of those days…?

We’ve had bad weather here in the northeast for the last few days… cold, rainy, and generally unpleasant. Not exactly the greatest motivator in the world.

In ED Classic news, we’re finishing up the Player’s Compendium. A slight delay cropped up when I reviewed the chapter of Illusionist spells, and had a “Gah!” moment where I realized the chapter needed the heavy hand of an editor.

Still, that’s now out of the way, and I’m into reviewing the last five or six chapters (out of 30-something). We probably won’t have the book on the market in time for Origins, but we hope to have a preview copy or three that folks can drool over.

Here’s the scary thought; as soon as we finish the EPC, we do this all over again with the Gamemaster’s Compendium.

Ah well. Noody said the life of a game designer would be hookers and blow.

(Actually, somebody did… if I can dig up the link, I’ll share.)

Edit: Wow… a post over at the RPGnet forums, and in less than 10 minutes I’m supplied with a link (thanks to Alka-Seltzer). Greg Stolze on why he writes game books.