Earthdawn Play-by-Post

In my continuing efforts as an Earthdawn fan and booster, I have started up a play-by-post game of Earthdawn over at RPGnet, entitled “Scavenger Hunt” it is an introductory scenario of sorts, revolving around the election of a new magistrate in the city of Travar.

What is unusual about “elections” in Travar is that a group of wizards devises a series of challenges, and the candidates hire champions to take part in the tournament. Whichever candidate’s champions win the tournament, that candidate wins the magisterial seat.

It looks like it is going to be a good game. Here are links to the relevant forums if you’re interested:

The In-Character thread.

The Out-of-Character thread.

One of the players has also put together a Wiki for the game. You can visit it here.