The Saga Continues…

They found our car!

Yesterday evening, we got a call from the Bangor Police Department that our lady had been found about a mile off into the woods on a snowmobile trail by Waldo County Sheriffs. They couldn’t pull it out that night, but it was towed out this morning, and we took the opportunity to drive down to Winterport and see the damage.

It wasn’t as bad as we had feared. When you learn that your car has been abandoned so far out in the woods that they couldn’t get a wrecker out there until they got a logging skidder to widen the trail… the worst goes through your mind.

The damage…? Well, the passenger side mirror was taken off, but it was recovered, and there are a few superficial scratches, but no serious (or even moderate) body damage was apparent. We don’t know what sort of condition the undercarriage is in — that’ll have to wait until we get it to the repair shop and up on the lift.

Anyhow… the perp left a baseball cap in the back seat, so there is some hope that other evidence was left behind. Also — in what may be a classic insight into the lunacies of the criminal mind — the burned CD-Rs we had in the car were taken. Real CDs? Sure — you can pawn those for cash or something. But CD-Rs? I don’t know of any pawn shop or second-hand store that will deal with them, and our musical tastes are… eclectic to say the least.

I guess they wanted mix discs of Wierd Al Yankovic, ’80s Hair Metal, and They Might be Giants.

Anyhow, I took some pictures, but lacking a digital camera, I need to get the film developed and scanned in before I can share them with you. Stay tuned!